Specialty Markets-Veterinarians

While the vets care for the animals, we care for the vets

Building a veterinary practice or a veterinary hospital is a lifelong challenge. An immense amount of knowledge, hands-on experience, and human relationships are involved. Not to mention your very own history of personal development. So how do you put a price on your life’s work? How do you know if selling your vet business is the right move at this time?


That is where we come in. This is a highly specialized market and professional representation is essential when pursuing fair and efficient transactions. We understand how much commitment and effort it takes to care for the health of animals. And we have seen how challenging it can be to transition from this career path to a retirement plan.


It is equally challenging to grow a veterinary business. The intricacies of running a company can take away precious time and there are complex situations when looking for a merger or an investor. This is a context that often gets in the way of veterinarians’ true passion – which is simply taking good care of animals. But we believe big business decisions should not keep you from doing what you love.

We are prepared to guide you

Whatever your current situation, TriStar Brokerage is prepared to guide you to a better future. We have years of experience with the vertical market of Veterinary Practices. The first important step is to assess the realistic value of your business. Our process is different because we see your company as more than a bottom-line number. Your specific goals and needs are considered, and we don’t ever lose sight of that throughout the process.


After establishing a value it’s easier to move forward in finding prospective buyers or investors. Our goal is to match you with the business solutions that best fits your needs. And that includes your associate doctors, your staff, and your clients. In the veterinarian business sometimes, price is not the most decisive factor for closing a deal. Many other variables are involved, and we are prepared to take each on under careful consideration.


Some of the important negotiated terms in the current veterinary market are the types of offers, which include cash, joint venture, private equity roll-up, and preferred stock. There are also material agreements, including asset/stock purchase agreement, employment agreement, lease, and non-compete agreement. We help you navigate these terms and facilitate the sale process in multiple business scenarios – individual endeavors, sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies, and trusts. TriStar Brokerage also has the expertise to identify tax-efficient business exit strategies according to your specific situation.


We have highly effective processes for closing custom optimal deals. Let us guide you through this complex business transaction and lead you to the next phase of your life.

Need help maximizing the value of your veterinary practice?