Business Brokerage


Investing our experience to make you a great deal

Assisting buyers and sellers of privately held businesses always requires careful listening and understanding. It involves trust and commitment so that each negotiation evolves into a good and profitable experience. In many ways, a business brokerage holds the same necessary qualities for a great relationship. It is a pairing process and TriStar Brokerage is proud to say we have become true business matchmakers.


Having been in this market for over two decades, we have developed a broad, national base of contacts in several industries, allowing us to receive financially competitive interests from multiple buyers. In many industries, there are more private equity investors than there are companies on the market. While that may seem like great news to the seller, there is a challenge in discerning which partner will best align with your culture or exit strategy.


We support both buyers and sellers in the process of taking companies to their maximum potential. And when you feel like your business no longer matches your life and dreams, we are ready to craft an ideal exit strategy. Whether your goal is to sell quickly or transition over time, our team works closely with you to select the perfect buyer, construct a tax-favorable deal structure, raise capital, and guide you through the entire transaction.

Two decades of experience
Support both buyers and sellers
Personalized methods
Successful business transactions

Relationships are always key in business brokerage

TriStar Brokerage’s track record of successful business transactions and high closing ratios are a direct result of our personalized approach to each negotiation.


Our highly experienced team has a proven track record of successful closings in the acquisition, merger, and business sale fronts. We have practical experience, networking and a thorough understanding of several industries, which enables us to provide legitimate insights that will increase your bottom line. We advise on necessary changes, the best timing, and other arrangements you may make to maximize current revenue and better present future potential to interested buyers.


While many companies may not fit into the private equity or public buy-out model, other incredible exit opportunities are available through mergers and acquisitions. Often these buyers are looking to expand quickly into your geographic area. In certain situations, an owner may decide on legacy planning rather than bringing in new partners. By creating an Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) an owner can maintain business continuity for their clients and team.


Our main differential as business brokers is treating clients as partners. We are interested in closing deals that meet your own idea of success. TriStar Brokerage is committed to working on transactions that fit your goals, that represent your dreams and that honors your trust in us. From modest real estate transactions to million-dollar mergers, our expertise is finding the absolute best deal for each client.


TriStar Brokerage’s methods are personalized according to the skills required for every negotiation. We work hard by your side each step of the way: from locating ideal buyers to closing the deal. TriStar Brokerage doesn’t only commit to getting the deal done, we get the deal that works best for you. We assist both entrepreneurs and investors find the best outcomes to their business endeavors.

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