Specialty Markets-Cannabis

A rising legal and profitable market

An ancient consumer product worldwide, cannabis-based products and businesses are part of a rapidly growing market. A mass consolidation process has been facilitated by the increase of marijuana legalization in the United States. The first states to legalize cannabis were Colorado and Washington, in 2012. Now almost half the country lives in a state where marijuana is legal to consume for medical or recreational use.


2020 has been a specially heated year for the cannabis market. Numbers show that legal sales across the US hit a record of $17.5 billion, which represents a 46% increase from 2019. According to a report from the cannabis sales data platform BDSA, most sales growth came from adult-use markets.

We help bridge the gap between buyers and sellers

There is no question that recent regulations have transformed cannabis into an even more potential profitable market nationwide. After reaching the highest revenue numbers in 2020, many reports predict the industry will remain in a growth and consolidation spree in the coming years.


Our professional specialty team offers services to assist cannabis producers, processors, dispensaries, and other industry players to achieve their business goals. TriStar Brokerage helps to bridge the gap between cannabis licensed buyers and sellers in reliable commercial deals. There are certainly many profitable transactions in this industry’s horizon, and we can help you navigate such recently charted waters.


Proper valuation of current and future revenues of a cannabis business is an essential part of this type of negotiation, especially for those looking to sell. We take you through a trusted and proven process in order to assess not only the right value but also the right buyers, whether you prefer to target smaller MSO’s or larger private equity companies.


Buying or Selling in this vertical market without an experienced broker by your side can be immensely time-consuming and overwhelming. We have the expertise to assist those looking to buy, sell, or invest in the cannabis industry. Closing great profitable deals in this market doesn’t need to be a stressful endeavor. The TriStar Brokerage team is prepared to find the best suitable options for your wants and needs. Our extensive experience allows us to project and ensure unique deal structures according to the wishes of each client.

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