Our Mission Statement

Matchmaking in the business world

Careful listening. Understanding. Commitment. Does that sound like the makings of a good relationship? Well, these qualities are just as important for successful business transactions.


In over twenty years of brokerage experience, we have proven those qualities to be our greatest asset… we are business matchmakers. The willingness to really listen to the goals and desires of our clients, plus the expertise to search for the best fitting solutions, is our recipe to achieve the most satisfying deals.


Our background as real estate brokers, financial planners and business consultants has given us a range of diverse perspectives to both buyers and sellers. Our business brokerage success has come from always basing our conduct on trust and transparency. TriStar Brokerage’s track record of successful business transactions and high-closing ratios are a direct result of our personalized approach to each negotiation.


We support both buyers and sellers in the process of taking companies to their maximum potential.  When you feel like your business no longer matches your life and dreams, we are ready to craft an ideal exit strategy. Whether your goal is to sell quickly or transition over time or maximize business valuation, our team works closely with you to select the perfect buyer, construct a tax-favorable deal structure, and guide you through the entire transaction.


Our ability to design unique deal structures has also made TriStar Brokerage a leading player within several niche markets. Over the past few years, we have excelled in managing transactions in: the Cannabis Industry, Veterinarian Practices, and Assisted-Living Facilities vertical markets. Each of these scenarios requires different skills and we are proud to hold the matching expertise for them. That is how we make great deals happen.

Team of Experts

Extensive experience and absolute commitment make our team of experts. Led by founding partners Sean W. Denny and William F. Holland, TriStar Brokerage stands on a history of trust and optimal business outcomes.


We have over twenty years of experience as brokers. Our success in negotiating and selling commercial real estate naturally flowed into business owners asking us to represent them in selling their business as well as their property. In 2015 TriStar Brokerage became an official endeavor. Our goal has always been to help business owners face the challenges when transitioning their company from where they are today to where they aspire to be.


We know every business owner has unique goals and needs, and every business has assets that are valued differently. The main reason for our success is that we are willing to listen and commit to a work path that makes the most sense to each client. We understand that we’re asking you to trust us with a valued asset that you’ve worked hard to nurture and build. Making our services custom to your dreams is how we honor that.


Our unique professional engagement allowed us to build expertise on unique niche markets. Over the past years, TriStar Brokerage has focused on businesses in vertical markets such as Veterinary Practices, Assisted-Living Facilities, and Cannabis related businesses. We’ve developed a broad, national base of contacts in each of these industries, enabling us to receive financially competitive interests from multiple buyers.


We have relationships with the most significant players in the private equity market for your business. TriStar Brokerage has the right experience to create custom deal structures that ideally suits your needs.

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