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Selling or Buying a Business? We Make Great Deals Happen

Negotiating expertise and great business experience personalized to your goals and dreams.

Whether it is time to grow your business or create a well-planned exit strategy, we assist you through the entire transaction. At TriStar Brokerage you are more than a bottom-line number.

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Business Brokerage

At TriStar Brokerage we help entrepreneurs and investors find the best outcomes to their business endeavors. Our highly experienced team has a proven track record of successful closings in the acquisition, merger, and business sale fronts. Our transaction-based mindset is supported by a background of consulting techniques designed to maximize current revenue and increase future appeal to potential buyers.


There comes a time when building your dream business transitions to creating your dream exit plan. We understand how to make that transition happen in the way that is best for you. Our expertise goes into identifying the ideal exit strategy for each person. Our solutions are always custom to your needs whether you run a small or big business. Every client is more than a number and we are prepared to honor your history.


Over the past years, our own history has taken a successful turn to include both general business sales as well as a number of key niche markets. Over the past 4 years, TriStar Brokerage has earned extensive expertise in three vertical markets: Veterinary Practices, Assisted Living Facilities, and the Cannabis business.

Our solutions are always custom to your needs

TriStar Brokerage has extensive expertise in multiple markets

Specialty Markets



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